Questions To Ask Before Renting A Hotel

Whether you are renting a hotel for a short stay or for a long holiday, it is important to make sure that you get what you truly deserve at the end of it all. Hotels are the most preferred and common accommodation because they are affordable compared to villas and you can still enjoy high levels of services and excellent amenities. A few questions can act as a guide towards the best for your stay.

What kind of experience do I want?: This is important because you will be in a position to choose a hotel location that is ideal for you and a hotel level or standard that matches your expectations. You can choose a hotel, according to its star rating because you can tell a lot about it through such ratings in relation to what you are looking for during your stay.

How much can I afford for the accommodation?: Planning your finances is very important during travel and to get the best hotel you should be sure of just how much you can afford for it. The daily charges differ from hotel to hotel and you therefore need to make sure that you can afford it for the length of time that you are staying. If you are staying for a week or more, then you can consider going for packages that offer you better prices than daily charges.

What is made available in the hotel?

This is very important to check before travelling because it makes sure that you pack only the things that you need. You can also choose hotels that offer you greater travelling convenience depending on what they have to offer you. For instance, most offer slippers, hairdryers and towels and you therefore don’t have to drag yours all the way.

How are the services?

Of course every hotel claims to offer excellent services including customer services. To keep disappointments at bay, consider going through any hotel reviews and customer feedback. You can tell a lot about what to expect through other people’s experiences. Such feedback will help you stay away from poor service and feel more comfortable with the choice you make hence you will start enjoying the holidays long before you even get there.

What are the hotel requirements?

Hotel policies vary and you need to be sure that you can keep up with the demands before reserving. For instance, while some allow smoking, others don’t and while others are pet-friendly some do not allow any pets or have only specific pet allowances. Some will also have limits on the number of people you can have in a room and such things are important, especially when you are travelling with a number of people.

What facilities are available?

They can determine the activities you get to enjoy within the hotel and how suitable you find them to be for your stay. If you love spa treatments, then you might want to make sure your hotel has a spa or a golf course if golfing is an activity you wish to enjoy.

Is It Worth Renting A Luxury Hotel?
Luxury hotels are designed to offer maximum comfort to guests who are looking for nothing but the best for their holidays. Everything from the hotel rooms to the services offered by the luxury hotels are excellent in quality. Hotel star ratings can tell you what kind of hotel standards to expect with most of the luxury hotels falling under the five star categories, although some in the four star category can still offer the same amazing services and amenities.

What should be remembered is that the high standards do come at a price. These hotels can be expensive to rent even for a night leave alone renting for a holiday. However, compared with what they offer to those who still choose to rent, they are definitely worth it. If you have the money, you should try spending your holidays in a luxury hotel to have the time of your life.

What to Expect

The reservation process to begin with is made easy for all guests. You will get respectful, easy and intelligent planning to make sure that you have the smoothest time possible planning for your stay in the hotel. You can make reservations through a travel agent, by phone or even online. Whichever method you choose to use, you can be sure of a swift experience doing so.

Discreet, easy and fast check-in and check-out is another factor that makes luxury hotels worth spending some money on. On arrival, you will most probably be picked from the airport to the hotel where the check-in process is made easy so you don’t have to wait in line. You won’t have to carry your luggage to your room as this is also taken care of and you will have it all in your room within a short period of time. Most of the modern hotels now offer express checkout or video checkout and make sure that any bill discrepancies are settled swiftly to avoid wasting your time.

Also important to note is that you get the exact room you want. You get the chance to decide the location of the room in the hotel such as near elevators or away from them, your desired floor level, views and even classifications like handicapped friendly or pet friendly depending on your personal preferences. You can enjoy a king size bed and even a plunge pool depending on the hotel you have chosen.

With the luxury hotels, you will enjoy enhanced room features. They are some of the things that set luxury hotels apart from other hotels. Most of them will have high quality furnishings and consistent design to help you relax, fresh smelling rooms and wall paintings and art, firm mattresses, large beds, cotton bed sheets and natural fiber bedspreads. Slippers, robes, adequate storage with enough closet space, drawers, counters and tabletops, comfortable reading chairs, safes, flat screen TV, iPod docks. Bottled water, coffee makers, full length mirrors, AC systems, and quiet clock and others also make part of the features.



Looking For Hotel Deals? Choosing The Perfect Site

Today, travel has been made very easy for all. Unlike before when you would have to wait until you got to your destination to find a hotel for your stay or where you had to travel in advance to make such arrangements, you can now do it all without even having to leave the comfort of your home. This is thanks to the internet and the many sites that now offer all travel information that you could need for your travel arrangements. The travel sites will help you select a hotel in your preferred destination and even book your room so you can have an easy check-in time when you finally arrive. But then how do you choose the best site for your travel needs?

Variety – One of the things that you must look for is hotel variety. A good site should offer you plenty of hotel choices in the destination and not just limit you to a number of them. Variety is important because you could have your own accommodation budget and the more the number of hotels covered, the higher the chances of you finding a deal that you can comfortably afford and still enjoy. The site should give you the possibility of narrowing down your search to a specific price range, so you can find what is ideal for you fast and easy.

Details – Considering that you will be fully relied on the site to compare one hotel to another, it should give you every relevant detail about the hotels it has included. You should get to find out the size of the rooms, the amenities, facilities available, services you can enjoy and even any restrictions that the hotel has for travelers. This kind of information is helpful, especially when determining what to carry with you and what not to pack. You will also find it extremely important if you are travelling with your family or pets because you get to know which hotels are pet and family friendly and which ones are not.

Booking – A good site ought to be updated on which rooms are available from one hotel to another and then giving you a simple way of making your reservations without any errors. You will of course be expected to make payments to make reservations and the site should have safe and secure payment gateways for you. Consider the payment options offered by the site and just how secure they are. The booking requirements and the process in general should also be reasonable enough to give you an easy time paying for the hotel or hotel package that you love the most.

Security Issues With Online Hotel And Ticket Booking Websites
The Internet has quietly revolutionized the world. It has made completion of tasks easy and fast, making us dependent on it heavily for almost every aspect of our life. One of the earliest revolutions took place in the banking industry, followed by the ticket booking services, after the US military made their ARPANET project public and allowed universities and businesses to take advantage of this wonderful technology.

Interestingly, computer and programming nerds create primitive web based ticket booking systems with the Java language, which is considered by many as the language of the internet. They do so for their academic projects in their schools and colleges and these applications are insignificant with respect to the commercial versions. However, the case was discussed to make the reader realize the popularity of theses internet based ticket booking applications.

Now, coming to the main point, online ticket booking and hotel reservation systems often provide the option of paying the required amount online, which is referred to as wire transfer in common man’s language. These websites use third party plug-ins through APIs, that integrates their website’s database with the bank’s computer systems and servers through a software-defined network device called the Payment Gateway.

Generally, these payment gateways are extremely secure environments that employ Secured Socket Layer or SSL algorithms, which can be 64 bit or 128 bit encryption algorithms, based on the requirement. 128 bit SSL algorithms are the most secure algorithms deployed in public domain for the purpose of securing fund transfer environments and encrypt the sensitive information with a highly secure process that is extremely difficult to crack by present standards.

The problem, or rather the loopholes lie with the internal data storage mechanisms deployed by the third party ticket booking websites. Sometimes, to reduce the cost associated with maintaining the security standards high, these websites do not take adequate measure to ensure that the payment related information are safe in their servers. It might also be the fact that their server or database administrators are not skilled enough to ensure stringent security measures are deployed.

It may happen that while no security breach takes place on part of your bank’s transfer system, security loopholes might exist in the hotel’s or the airline’s own website. If their servers are hacked and the data is appropriately mined by any expert hacker, your entire details regarding the financial transaction, including your credit card details, will be in front of the hacker.

The hacker can simply download or copy the information to some other system of his own and use the same to perform unauthorized transactions and fund transfers. Although banks deploy double-layered verification methods to mitigate such frauds, the process is far from being full-proof.

Thus, think twice before you trust third party hotel and ticket booking service. Even the best hotel booking service providers are vulnerable to such server attacks by cyber experts and they do very little to plug the loopholes in their systems and servers.



How to Choose the Best Luxury Hotels When Planning a Vacation

When it comes to choosing your holiday accommodation and looking for luxury and comfort, it is exceptionally difficult to identify which is the best luxury hotel based on the online descriptions. Unless you have stayed at a hotel before and you have an idea of the service, amenities and services available, you can’t know what to expect until you arrive.

There are a number of steps you can take when making your selection to ensure you choose the best luxury hotel that ticks all the boxes you feel are important to you and your comfort when on vacation.

The first thing you will want to do when looking at any luxury hotel is to pick up the phone and speak to one of their reservation agents. Ask them about the rooms, the suites and the facilities that they provide. You want to ensure you choose the best room that meets your particular needs and requirements, exceeding your expectations and ensuring you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday experience.

Have a firm understanding of what you expect from a luxury hotel. Do you expect large and specious guest rooms? Do you expect there to be a spa on-site offering a host of treatments? Do you expect a number of on-site restaurants to choose from so you can try something different every night? What about room service? Internet?

Focus on the location of the luxury hotel. Location is imperative when you are planning your holiday. You want to be able to get to the local sites, you want to be close enough to the airport and you want to be within easy reach of all the shops and shopping centres. Take your time making your decision by pinpointing where the luxury hotels are located and then choosing those that are ideally located to provide you with an easy and enjoyable holiday experience at all times.

Look at the services offered by the luxury hotel. Not all hotels offers the same range of services. These should include a twenty four hour reception desk and possibly a concierge service. The hotel should have a number of restaurants and offer the convenience of room service. In the event you don’t feel like going out, at least you know you can have a delicious meal delivered to your door.

What facilities does the luxury hotel provide? This is another important factor to take into consideration. Everyone has a different idea of what luxury is. Some people feel that luxury means a large suite brimming with modern technology and conveniences. Others may feel that luxury means having all the top facilities at your disposal including spa, swimming pool, hair salon and more.

When making your decision also pay attention to the room rates for each of the rooms on offer, while you are not encouraged to go for the cheapest price, if you are travelling on a budget, then you are going to want to ensure that you can get the best holiday experience and stay in a luxury hotel and still come away with change.

The final step to choosing the top luxury hotels for your vacation is to compare the final hotels you have on your list. Compare the facilities and services, the rooms and the rates to identify which one is going to be the perfect match for you and your family.

In the event you are travelling with children, you may want to ensure that the hotel is family friends and can accommodate the children with childcare facilities, children’s menus and activities.

he Palace of Versaille Is to Become a Hotel
I enjoy watching videos with my morning coffee. Sometimes it is an afternoon coffee, but I do my best to follow my own timeline. This morning I saw that the Palace of Versailles is going to be a luxury hotel soon. It made me wonder why they would do it. Why changing something of cultural heritage to something commercial?

Then I watched the video again and read some news. Apparently, the French government cut the funding from 47 million (pounds) to 40 million, leaving some of the famous apartments in almost ruins.

Now, the famous palace is going to be serving guests with cake, champagne and probably some fireworks, for those who can pay. Let not make a mistake here. I’ve never visited the Palace, but I have many souvenirs from friends. They are really dear to me.

Somehow, I feel the change is going to become a local trend. And the only thing I can say is that it’s embarrassing for the nation.

Now we only have to wait and see how many important buildings will do the same for the money. How about changing a museum to hotel? That would be nice.

However, I must admit that it is nice to get a glimpse of what it was like in the time of Louis XIV. The rooms must be nice. Stylish furniture, the smell of aristocracy and dirty hair.

It all has its advantages. I’ve never slept in a bed that old. They must be hard and pretty tall. However, the cakes they are going to serve must be from an old family recipe, I guess. It would be very fancy to try them.

But this is just the point where it all loses its mysterious touch. I would rather still fantasize about the age of the kings and their fair ladies than simply pay for the experience. If you have it on the plate, it is not that mysterious after all.

If the demand for this kind of experience is on the rise, I could definitely go along with it. But the balls, mirror rooms and dresses, they should better remain in memories of historians and described in books. I like them better that way.
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Casino Hotels Are The Royal Flushes of Hospitality

Gambling is a blast for many. For some, it’s even a way of life. No matter the level of the player, no gambler wants to bet on the comfort or convenience of hospitality. People that gamble, whether seriously or not, want establishments that guarantee delicious food, stiff drinks, and a good night’s sleep so that all they need to focus on is the casino action, fun, or both. The best types of establishment for such a high level of care are casino hotels.

Save Time, Prevent Stress: People who travel for poker tournaments are playing for big stakes. They don’t want to be bothered with having to search for the best meals, or travel far after a long day at the tables. That’s why staying at the casino is the best option for these people. The meals from casual to fine dining are five-star, and their bed is just an elevator ride away. When everything is in one place, players can concentrate on the game without having to fight for parking every day, or sit in traffic. Staying on-site is the perfect solution for serious players.

Hot Nightlife: The other entertainment at these hotels consists of a separate, exclusive dance club away from the tables and the sounds of the slot machines. During the day, people who want to play casually can hang out in the casino, but at night they can enjoy a selection of top shelf liquor and the hottest DJs in the area. It’s a sexy way to cut loose and is fun for both couples and singles.

The best way to start an evening like this is at one of elegant on-site restaurants. Whether it’s a buffet or a romantic full-course dinner, the decadent meal will set the mood for a decadent night.

Little Extra Specials: Sometimes it’s the little things that make a place great. These establishments want to keep their guests happy ensure that guests needs are consistently met. If a guest forgets to pack a hair dryer, there’s one in the room. The televisions are top of the line LCD models, and it’s possible to unwind from a day at the tables with a wide selection of channels. These hotels make sure anyone can enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in their room before starting their day via in-room coffee makers. While sipping their Java, guests can take advantage of the free wireless internet.

An establishment worth its name will also provide a 24-hour workout room. This is especially true of sites with a casino, as serious players often keep unusual hours. If serious players want to take out their frustrations with a good workout, they can do so at any time of day. However, one doesn’t need to be a serious player to enjoy a midnight workout. Anyone can.

Important Steps to Choosing the Best Honeymoon Resorts
Your honeymoon is one of the vacations you are meant to have that you remember for the rest of your life. It’s meant to be magical, special and memorable. You expect luxury, you expect to be pampered and you expect a holiday experience second to none. So how do you select the best honeymoon resorts that meet your needs and guarantees you a stay you will remember for the rest of your life?

Every bridal couple is different when it comes to how you want to spend your honeymoon. There are those that picture themselves lying on a white sandy beach sipping cocktails and others that imagine their honeymoon scuba diving in spectacular reefs. Then there are those that prefer cycling or walking holidays, adventure filled experiences combined with adrenaline pumping sports.

It is important that you sit down together to identify what you expect when going on your honeymoon. Once the excitement of the wedding is over and you have your week or couple of weeks together to enjoy the start of your new life, you need to know what you will be doing to celebrate this special and memorable event.

If you imagine clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and a luxury resort, then you will find that you have a wide selection of destinations to choose from. Choose wisely and ideally choose a place you have never visited before. Imagine heading to the Seychelles, just off the African Coast, an area rich in history, culture and beauty. This gives you a chance to experience something new while still ticking all the boxes of what you expected when you imagined your honeymoon in the past.

Set yourself a budget and stick to it. After spending a large amount of money on the perfect wedding, you don’t want to blow your budget when it comes to your honeymoon. When working out your budget, remember to include flights, accommodation, car hire and experiences. You don’t want to restrict yourself when on your honeymoon by not going to the spa a few times because you haven’t got the cash to spare.

Focus on the accommodation provided by the honeymoon resort. For this special occasion you expect luxury. Again, everyone’s identification of luxury is different. You may see luxury as a large spacious room with all the luxurious amenities, maybe a suite where you have your own relaxing sitting area and spectacular sea views. You may see your honeymoon suite as a smaller room overlooking the water in a resort that offers you everything you want when it comes to a honeymoon resort to remember.

Remember to focus on the season you will be travelling and your honeymoon dates. Some areas are prone to driving rain, gale force winds and even typhoons, which makes them a destination you don’t want to visit. Depending on when you intend taking your honeymoon, you will be able to identify the destinations that will provide you with good weather, where you can explore the sights, enjoy the beaches and relax in the pools.

The final considerations is the amenities and facilities offered by the resort. When it comes to your honeymoon, you want to relax and start your new life together in beautiful surroundings. Choose a honeymoon resort where you can enjoy a couples massage, you can lie by the pool or on the beach and you can enjoy the convenience of a selection of restaurants to choose from. Ideally the resort will also offer room service, so you can order in and relax in the comfort of your luxurious room.



What Are the Alternatives to Hotel Accommodation?

If you are in the process of booking your next holiday and you’re thinking about alternatives to hotel accommodation, you will be pleased to note that there are a host of options, which can reduce the need to stay in a hotel, give you more room to move and enable your entire family to stay in one place.

One of the disadvantages to staying in a hotel, especially when travelling as a family or group, is that you all end up in different rooms. This is common when hotels don’t have large enough family rooms. The other thing that may happen is they place some extra beds in the room and put you all in one confined space, which can also be a negative when trying to have an enjoyable holiday experience.

One of the leading options when looking for an alternative to hotel accommodation is short term rentals. You can rent an apartment for a set period of time. These rentals are usually for a few days to a few weeks and provide you with your very own home away from home. Many of these apartments come with all the conveniences you would find at a hotel from information on the area, tour information, sightseeing experiences and some will even provide you with airport transfers. In addition to this, the majority of these apartments come with housekeeping services, so you can sit back and relax during your holiday.

The benefit to holiday apartments over hotels is that they are more affordable. Because you are renting them as self-catering, you don’t have an expensive per night rate to pay. You pay one weekly rate, which is often flexible depending on how long you book for.

Another common choice, which is ideal if you are traveling alone or as a group of friends is a homestays. Homestays gives you the ability to live with a family for a few days. This enables you to explore the local area and live like a local for a while, while you eat and live with the family in their home. Of course while this may appear fun and exciting, you are restricted by the family’s rules and regulations, which can leave you frustrated and wanting to return home sooner rather than later.

House swapping has grown in popularity throughout the world as an opportunity to visit a new destination without the expensive price tag. While this provides you and your family with a host of benefits, there are a few disadvantages to consider. With house swapping, you move to another family’s home for a period of time, while they move into your home. While you may end up in a beautiful home in a country you have never visited before, you need to have peace of mind that there is a family that has moved into your home, is using your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

There is always bed and breakfasts and guest houses. There appears to be a stigma attached to these, but there are nice ones available. These are similar to hotels in that you will only be provided with a room with the basic necessities, there are instances where you may have to share a bathroom with another room, which isn’t always ideal. Further you will probably pay the same that you would pay in a hotel. The difference is that because these are smaller establishments, you are likely to receive a more personalised service.

Reasons So Many People Choose Hotel Apartments When Going on Holiday
There are a number of benefits to choosing hotel apartments as an alternative to staying in a hotel when you go on holiday. This is ideal for business travelers, families and couples who want to enjoy their independence when on holiday and live like a local in some of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Some of the benefits you will find when choosing hotel apartments is that you enjoy a wealth of space. When traveling as a family and all staying in one family room in a busy hotel, you have to watch what you do and keep a close eye that the children aren’t too noisy at any time. When staying in a hotel apartment, the family has room to spread out, the same as they would at home, which can give you a more enjoyable holiday experience at all times.

You will find that hotel apartments provide you with the comfort you would enjoy when staying at a top hotel, except you have a number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a sitting area, a kitchen and in some instances a comfortable dining area.

Hotel apartments provide you with flexibility. When staying at a hotel you have strict check in times, check out times, breakfast, lunch and dinner times, all based on the hotels regular schedule. This isn’t always convenience when on holiday and you want to lie in, which results in you missing breakfast. With the apartment, you control your own schedule, you can eat and relax and not worry that you are working to anyone else timetable but your own.

An apartment is more private than a hotel, there isn’t a volume of guests and hotel reception seeing you come and go. You can go out and enjoy your evening without worrying that hotel reception are going to see you come home in the early hours. You are in control of your own holiday and can enjoy the peace and tranquility that these hotel apartments provide, even when staying in the heart of a bustling city.

Further you will find that staying in a hotel apartment can save you money. A hotel requires you pay a flat nightly rate, this may or may not include breakfast. It is more common for hotels to offer a slightly cheaper nightly rate and then request a further amount if you want to take advantage of the breakfast provided. When it comes to a hotel apartment you pay for a period of time, which means staying a week can work out around the same as two nights in a leading hotel. This is a great holiday opportunity to travel to exciting destinations, explore the sights and stay in complete comfort while remaining within your travel budget.

The majority of hotel apartments are centrally located. You will find that you can get into the heart of a city, sometimes where you cannot find a hotel. This is ideal, enabling you to take advantage of public transport routes and being close to the top sights and attractions.

The final reason you should consider hotel apartments and the benefits they provide is that they often come with a housekeeping service. This is a welcome convenience when on holiday reducing how much cleaning you have to do. Many people aren’t keen on self-catering because they don’t’ feel as though they are on holiday as they cook, clean and do their laundry. With hotel apartments you get your own housekeeping service to ensure the place is clean and you get to relax and enjoy your stay.



Top 5 Hotels in South East Asia Available in Tour Packages

If you are among those who like travel in luxury and count staying at a five star hotel as a top priority and count it as a part of the whole tour experience, this list of top 5 hotels in South East Asia that you can get easily included in your tour packages from India is your thing

1. Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai: The chain of full service, upscale hotels this hotel gets a five-star in Dubai and is a feast to the eyes. Not only it is beautiful to look at but equally comfortable as it provides a 5-star reassurance and is available international tour packages from India at any travel website.

2. Hotel Istana Kuala Lampur City Center, Kuala Lampur: This 5 star hotel situated within the business and shopping centre of Kuala Lampur is a 23-storey building with 515 rooms. It recaptures the beauty of an era of royal malaysultanate hospitality. To feel the bliss of this hotel you can always design hotel tour package through a travel website and wish for it.

3. Ramada Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park: This 4-star hotel is directly connected to the Zhongshan Mall and is surrounded by an array of restaurants. It has an outdoor pool, a gym and a business centre. The lighting of the hotel gives it a vibrant look and the hotel promises the comfort of a 4 star hotel. If you visit to Singapore this hotel is your choice when you design hotel tour package.

4. Biyoke sky hotel, Bangkok, Thailand: Biyoke tower an 85-storey, 304 m skyscraper hotel in Thailand is the tallest building in the city comprises of the Biyoke sky hotel which is the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia. It is a 4 star villa with roof top bar and
music lounge. This hotel hence must be customized in to your international hotel tour packages from India.

5. Ayodya Resort, Bali: Previously known as the Bali Hilton International, this luxurious resort present the majestic view of the Indian Ocean sprawled in front of it. Situated at the heart of Nusa Dua, it also gives a view of Gunung Agung Mountain. Apart from the beautiful views the 5 star comforts is a plus benefit. This Indonesian beauty should be a part of your customized tour package anytime you plan to visit Bali.

Be it an all Southeast Asia tour or just trips to these particular places you can always design your tour packages

Top 5 Hotels in South East Asia Available in Tour Packages
If you are among those who like travel in luxury and count staying at a five star hotel as a top priority and count it as a part of the whole tour experience, this list of top 5 hotels in South East Asia that you can get easily included in your tour packages from India is your thing

1. Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai: The chain of full service, upscale hotels this hotel gets a five-star in Dubai and is a feast to the eyes. Not only it is beautiful to look at but equally comfortable as it provides a 5-star reassurance and is available international tour packages from India at any travel website.

2. Hotel Istana Kuala Lampur City Center, Kuala Lampur: This 5 star hotel situated within the business and shopping centre of Kuala Lampur is a 23-storey building with 515 rooms. It recaptures the beauty of an era of royal malaysultanate hospitality. To feel the bliss of this hotel you can always design hotel tour package through a travel website and wish for it.

3. Ramada Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park: This 4-star hotel is directly connected to the Zhongshan Mall and is surrounded by an array of restaurants. It has an outdoor pool, a gym and a business centre. The lighting of the hotel gives it a vibrant look and the hotel promises the comfort of a 4 star hotel. If you visit to Singapore this hotel is your choice when you design hotel tour package.

4. Biyoke sky hotel, Bangkok, Thailand: Biyoke tower an 85-storey, 304 m skyscraper hotel in Thailand is the tallest building in the city comprises of the Biyoke sky hotel which is the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia. It is a 4 star villa with roof top bar and
music lounge. This hotel hence must be customized in to your international hotel tour packages from India.

5. Ayodya Resort, Bali: Previously known as the Bali Hilton International, this luxurious resort present the majestic view of the Indian Ocean sprawled in front of it. Situated at the heart of Nusa Dua, it also gives a view of Gunung Agung Mountain. Apart from the beautiful views the 5 star comforts is a plus benefit. This Indonesian beauty should be a part of your customized tour package anytime you plan to visit Bali.



Finding Cheap Holiday Apartments Anywhere in the World

Holiday apartments are one of the top choices for millions of travellers around the world. It is an alternative to an expensive hotel, giving you the ability to live like a local, work to your own itinerary and enjoy your own space, a home away from home. Of course not all holiday apartments are of the same quality and provide the same luxury and service, which is why you want to pay close attention to what you are looking at, ensuring it is the right match for you before making any final decisions.

Start by searching online. The internet is brimming with high quality self-catering properties which make ideal cheap holiday apartments. The great thing with searching online is that you can find the holiday apartments that tick all the boxes in terms of what you are looking for from number of bedrooms to price. There are important factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to finding cheap holiday apartments. The first thing is to ensure the property meets the description you read online. Only look at cheap holiday apartments that provide a number of photographs, enabling you to focus on what you can expect during your stay.

In addition to this, the listing should be brimming with information, helping you find the perfect match that meets your needs in terms of everything it has on offer including bedrooms, kitchen, eating areas and more.

Take the time to read through the reviews. Most of the cheap holiday apartments will have online reviews that you can read through, learning as much as you can about the property and the service you received from the agents. This will help you make your decision ensuring that everything you read online meets the reviews, giving you peace of mind that you are about to rent a property that is going to provide you with the best holiday experience.

From here you are going to want to compare prices. Chances are you have more than one cheap holiday apartment on your short list. You are going to want to review each one and then compare them against each other to find the one property that is guaranteed to provide you with a holiday experience to enjoy and remember for years to come.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing the price to be your only deciding factor. Choosing cheap holiday apartments is already considerably cheaper than paying for a few nights in a luxury hotel, yet you get to enjoy the same luxury and elegance in your apartment. Focus on what is on offer and identify how the apartment is going to provide you with the best holiday experience and then include price into your decision, ensuring that you make the best decision to meet your and your family’s needs at all times.

Ensure you pay attention to the location of the apartment. If you are heading to a seaside village, then you want to ensure that the cheap holiday apartment you choose is ideally located within easy access of the water’s edge, but also within close proximity of the town or city, enabling you to enjoy a complete holiday experience at all times.

Of course the final decision comes down to availability. You may have to be slightly flexible in terms of dates to ensure that the apartment you choose is going to be available for you to enjoy when you have time with your family.

What Alternatives Do You Have to Hotel Accommodation?
Whether you are planning a business trip or you are looking for a place to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy some time away from home, you may want to consider alternatives to hotel accommodation, giving you the freedom to enjoy your holiday with a different twist.

Everyone is unique in how they expect their holiday to go. Some people expect luxury and elegance, while others are looking for relaxed and peaceful. It doesn’t matter what you prefer when it comes to your holiday accommodation, there is one thing that you should do and that is consider the alternatives to identify if any of these are the right choice for you moving forward.

The first option is self-catering apartments. These alternatives to hotel accommodation are ideal whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, whether you are travelling as a family, couple or group of friends. Apartments come with a host of benefits and its important you understand the benefits and disadvantages of each of the options to ensure you choose the accommodation choice that best meets your holiday style, needs and requirements to ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday experience at all times.

The benefits of choosing an apartment as an alternative to hotel accommodation is that you will find that you have your own home away from home. The benefit to this is you get a taste of what it would be like living as a local, you get a feel for the community while enjoying the ability to have your own time and freedom, going out when you want and not working to anyone else’s schedule but your own.

Of course there are some negatives you may want to take into consideration. When staying in a hotel you are going to have reception on dial, this enables you to ring for room service, have a concierge at your finger tips and even take advantage of daily housekeeping. This is why when booking apartments for rent for your next holiday you ensure you choose an apartment that comes with housekeeping and concierge service. While you won’t have a restaurant on-site or room service at your fingertips, you will have all the benefits listed above to enjoy.

Another option is hostels. Now while these are an alternative to hotel accommodation, they are an experience often chosen by young travellers. There are benefits to hostel accommodation which you may not be aware of, the first is that you get to meet new people and you get to make new friends from around the world. This type of vacation solution is a social event and is better suited for anyone who is a solo traveller.

Again, there are disadvantages to this type of alternative to hotel accommodation that you need to be made aware of with the first being that you won’t have your own privacy and space. You will share a dorm style room with a number of other travellers, this includes sharing a bathroom. You will get use of a communal lounge and kitchen area. This is why this is a much better option for a younger traveller, where families, friends and business travellers will benefit more from self-catering apartments when looking for that alternative to hotel accommodation to suit their particular needs and requirements.

The final alternative to hotel accommodation that you may want to consider is a house swap. This method of accommodation is used throughout the world by families who are looking for an affordable way to travel. The benefit is that you get to live in a house in another country, but at the same time you need to be comfortable that there will be a family living in your home at the same time.



7 Ways to Boost Your Safety at Hotels

Sure, hotels are still likely to be a lot more safe than wandering the streets or using public transportation, but looks can be deceiving. Valuables are stolen even from inside locked hotel rooms a lot more often than you might think. Here’s 7 ways to increase your personal security and decrease the likelihood of any crime being committed against you at a hotel in any country, but especially while abroad.

1. Constant use of the Do-Not-Disturb sign: The first thing I do when entering a new hotel room is throw on the Do-Not-Disturb sign. Not because I’m taking a nap or bathing or trying to focus on work, but because I want passersby to believe that someone is inside doing one of those things. If thieves are stalking hotel rooms to determine which will be the best one to try to enter, they’re likely to immediately rule out the ones with Do-Not-Disturb signs hanging on the handle. There’s plenty of others to choose from where the odds of someone being inside are lower.

2. Never leave for the day in sight of others

This can be tricky to coordinate and even feel a little awkward, but it’s never a good idea to be seen by others walking out of your room with a fresh coat of zing sunscreen on the nose and a bag of supplies for a day trip to the beach. The signal you’re sending to everyone whether potential thieves or innocent fellow tourists is “I’m heading out and won’t be in my room for at least the next few hours.” If you step out of your room to head out for the day and see others standing around observing you, even in a casual manner, go back inside your room and wait for the coast to clear. If it makes it easier, pretend you forgot something.

3. Keep the TV and lights on at all times

Granted this isn’t very “energy efficient” and the hotel probably dislikes it because it runs up their operating costs, but it’s arguably the best security measure you have apart from your door’s actual lock when it comes to keeping your room safe while you’re away. Most hotel rooms these days require a room key be inserted into an activation device for the room’s electricity, so you’ll need to leave a key behind. Fortunately, hotels are usually willing to give you at least two keys for your room. Leave one in the room keeping the electricity on and turn the TV volume up so that it’s at least capable of being heard lightly from outside your door if someone were to check.

4. Don’t answer unexpected knocks, even from staff

No respectable hotel randomly send staff members to your room without you requesting it. Apart from the morning room cleaning service, there’s no reason why a good hotel would needlessly bother you without forewarning. Even if there appears to be a legitimate staff member on the other side of the door when looking through the peephole, it’s a good idea to let the knock go unanswered. Call the front desk and ask if they sent a staff member to your room for some reason. If not, you know there might be something amiss and can ask for security.

5. Request a higher floor when possible

Some people don’t like to be on the upper floors of a hotel, but there’s a few reasons why the upper half should be your preference. For starters, the view is usually better and it tends to be quieter. But for purposes of security, they’re also just a little safer from thieves. Every hotel has a staircase and some are less secure than keycard-activated elevators. So, thieves will sometimes use the staircase either to avoid being noticed or simply to get around the keycard issue and are more likely to stick to casing the lower floors. Even thieves don’t like climbing stairs…

6. Don’t let hotel staff in on your plans

Your hotel concierge can be a great resource when it comes to planning what to do in a new city. But they’re also in a position of great power with the knowledge of where guests will be and when. It’s not unheard of for disgruntled or less ethical staff members to accept money from thieves in exchange for information about certain guests’ daily plans. If you need to use the hotel concierge, don’t get too specific about when and where you’ll be going and try to keep your interaction limited to simple information gathering. Wait until you’re back in your private room to make decisions about where to go and when.

7. Know how to alert security quickly

Every hotel phone is a little bit different, and I’m almost always a little bit uncertain as to which buttons to press to connect to various departments. There’s usually one-touch options for concierge, room service, housekeeping, front desk, and more. Learn your room’s phone system before you need to use it in case of an emergency. Chances are, you’ll never have to use it. But if you need to, you’ll be glad you knew how to do it quickly and on the first try.

Security Check-List When Booking Budget Accommodation
So, you’ve planned your big career move to a new country and are excited about it. But, how are you going to manage to move to a foreign land, rent accommodation, make new friends, and be successful at your job?

Well.. I aim that through this article you will have your accommodation worries covered, and the rest you will figure out when you arrive in this awesome, vibrant cosmopolitan city.

Security should be a top priority – especially for foreigners visiting a new country

The key to finding a safe and convenient place to stay is to follow a simple step by step approach and ensure you check off the essentials security must haves, and book your accommodation only after the B & B, Guest House or Service Apartment meets those requirements. In order to do this, I have formulated a simple security-check-list which will help you with your choice.

Check-list before booking your apartment

• First and foremost – Check the Organic search rankings, especially local search terms:

When searching for accommodation, look at searching on a few matching keywords and look out for the properties that have good presence on the first few pages for the keywords that you are interested in (good organic search rankings show that the company is a trusted one), make sure you know the difference between paid ads and organic listings (paid ads usually start at the top of a search page and are bunched together and are a different colour from the organic results)

• Quality and relevance of the Hotel’s Website:

A well structured good website is a positive sign, as it shows that there is an active effort from the company, whereas a shabby or outdated one shows that the company is not very professional and this is likely to reflect in their Hotel or Service Apartments as well. Look for the freshness of content, up to date and relevant content is usually reflective of the establishment.

• Play close attention to traveller reviews:

After short listing a few properties, search for them on various travel portals and you should be able to locate reviews for each property. Trusted sites such as and Tripadvisor etc are very careful about review veracity and can provide candid information through their user’s experiences.

Tip – Look at the management responses to their reviews, especially the negative ones. A respectful and objective response is a good sign of a professional management and one that pays attention to the needs of their guests

• Ensure the legitimacy of the establishment

Awards and Certifications from Travel/local tourism bodies are also very important, due to the vast number of new Service Apartments and Guest Houses coming up,it becomes very important to identify the legitimate ones.

• Must have Physical and Electronic safety features in your Apartment:

– The property must have 24/7 CCTV cameras connected to a central network -this feature ensures that the management/ owner has an eye on the proceedings and also acts as a deterrent against any wrong doing

– Round the clock Security guards should be present on the property- preferably English speaking and from a certified security agency

– The property must have an electronic safe where you can store your valuables

– The hotel must have a concierge to assist you with your requirements, further the phone number of the owner or manager should be available as well

– If you are using a taxi ensure that it is GPS enabled and the driver is registered with the hotel

Even if you are using a real estate agent to help you in your search, ensure that he follows the above guidelines as well. I am sure that these tips should enable you to find a safe, hospitable place to stay at, the next time you visit a foreign country.



How To Have The Best All Inclusive Holiday

All inclusive holidays are the kind of holiday some would dream of – where everything is taken care of and all that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy. This is so because everything is paid for upfront like the flights, accommodation, meals, drinks and activities.

Essentially, a round price per person is offered. All inclusive holidays are usually for a seven day period. Air travel is included in with ATOL protection in the UK which takes care of the consumer’s interests in the event of the tour operator not providing or unable to provide because of some unforeseen event, what was promised in the tour package.

An all inclusive package usually contains

Return Transfers
Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
Snacks throughout the day
Locally produced alcoholic and soft drinks including wine and beer
Selected activities
Gyms and swimming pools
Live entertainment
Children’s activities.
These tours are described in detail on the tour operator’s website, and since there are many, they can be sorted on different parameters like price or ranking by an independent agency, for the consumer to make a good and fairly easy choice. Reviews of those who took those holiday packages also are a very important input when deciding.

Last minute all inclusiveholdiays & off season all inclusive holidays

These are the all inclusive holidays to look at if you are looking for good deals. Last minute holidays require a prior booking period of four weeks not less. Although regular scheduled airline charges increase for last minute flights, chartered flights which operate on all inclusive holidays sell last minute deals mainly to sun destinations. Off season all inclusive holidays are greatly enjoyed and highly ranked by trip advisory sites. Favorite destinations include the Caribbean, Mexico etc.

How to have the best all inclusive holiday

Look for the best names in holiday providers in the business
Book early and as a group
Choose a suitable resort. If there are no children, go for an adults only resort and vice versa. Children will enjoy at a resort that have activities and amenities provided for their enjoyment.
Get to know the resort before hand. Don’t choose a resort which is far from civilization.
Be prepared for costs that have not been considered, like the cost of visiting specialty restaurants in the resort, consumption of imported liquor, using game tables – You mostly have to pay for these as well as excursions, laundry, massages, beauty treatments and internet
Travel off season, and keep an eye out for sales
Consider travel insurance for medical emergency, emergency evacuation and repatriation and trip cancellations.
Take the help of the concierge and advantage of their knowledge regarding local attractions.
Make dinner reservations for a high end restaurant at the resort you wish to visit
Ask if your food can be packed if you are setting out for the day
Ask for any amenities that might be missing eg. Baby cots
Be clear about the tipping policy by observing others and asking at the front desk.

Deals on Sandals Resorts Packages
Sandals Resorts provides guests with the opportunity to stay in a luxury resort along a choice of beaches throughout the Caribbean. This resort company offers fifteen locations along the white pristine beaches with cool blue waters for guests to enjoy and take advantage of.

When choosing deals on Sandals Resort packages, you want to look for a deal that not only offers you great accommodation, but you want your airfare and other benefits to be included, helping you make your money go further.

Sandals Resorts offer a host of packages for their guests to take advantage of. One of the packages you may want to consider is the all inclusive dinner package. This gives you access to a host of restaurants within the resort throughout your stay, of course the benefit is that you don’t pay for your food, that is included in the price, which helps you work to a tight travel budget, but still enjoy all the wonderful and exciting adventures the Caribbean has to offer.

There are packages that also includes drinks packages, which is always worthwhile. Identify if any of the deals on Sandals Resorts packages includes drinks. Remember if you take an all-inclusive package, often you are still responsible for your own bar tab. With the drinks package, you are allocated a certain number of beverages daily, which also helps to reduce the cost.

Sandals Resorts are known for their extensive range of activities from water sports to tours and more. In the event you want to take advantage of these activities, then it is worthwhile to see if you can find a deal on a package which includes some activities to enjoy during your stay that is included in the price. Bear in mind the resorts offer fitness centres and spas, so you can enjoy a full range of activities while holidaying in one of the most beautiful, serene and relaxing places in the world.

Some of the deals of Sandals Resorts you will come across is those that include a spa package. If you want to relax on the beach, swim in the ocean, enjoy spectacular food and a day of pampering, then the spa deal is the right choice for you. Each of the resorts have their own experienced team of beauty therapists that will provide you with a host of spa options, so you can choose what you feel you need to complete this memorable experience.

If you are booking through a leading travel agency, then you will find that they will provide you with specialised deals on Sandals Resort packages. Here you get to enjoy the package deals offered by the resort company, along with a host of extras, which usually includes flights from certain locations along with airport transfer and other essential things you may not have thought of. Travel specialist companies will work with the resort to secure the best deals that they can then share with their clients, helping them enjoy the holiday of their dreams at a price they can afford.

There are some very important factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a travel agency that is offering deals on Sandals Resort packages. The first is to ensure that it is a Sandals Resort package that you are purchasing. The last thing you want is to arrive in the Caribbean and not be in the resort you were expecting. This means ensuring the company has a good reputation and can provide you with a guarantee that your holiday is covered and you will not lose money in the long run.



Explore the Great Accommodations Offered

Plenty of Space: While it can be fun to travel with your family and friends, a hotel room can quickly become crowded. It can be hard when some of you want to sleep and others want to be awake in such close quarters. There is plenty of space for you to all spread out at villa rentals. Some of them offer one bedroom and one bathroom which are perfect for a couple.

Others offer several bedrooms, a full kitchen, and more than one bathroom. This can be the perfect choice of accommodations for a family or a group of friends. When you can all have your own space, you will be happier and the entire holiday there is going to be far more enjoyable.

Location: You have quite a few choices when it comes to the location of villa rentals. However, it can be tough to decide if you want to have more seclusion and privacy in the wooded areas or you want to be in the more populated location close to the beach. There are pros and cons to each so take your time to decide where you want to be.

Think about the overall agenda of activities you will engage in while you are there. That can help you to decide where you would like to stay. It makes sense to ensure those activities you will take part in the most are the closest. That allows you to spend more time enjoying them and less time with the commuting. You may find the commute is worth some extra quiet time too.

Privacy: Even if you are in a populated area such as along the beach, villa rentals offer you far more privacy than staying at a hotel. Many of them feature a gated yard, a swimming pool, and a balcony. You can take in the lovely atmosphere, dine outdoors, and take a swim without interruptions. If being around large crowds isn’t your thing this may be a good option.

Reservations: As you look around online or in brochures, you will find plenty of terrific villa rentals that capture your attention. Decide when you will travel, where you would like to stay, and the type of accommodations that suit your wants and needs. This will help you to narrow it all down so you can lock in your reservation.

It is important to make your reservation early so you can get your pick of places to stay. It can be disappointing not to get it because you wanted too long. You may have to pay a deposit at the time you secure that reservation for villa rentals. The terms and conditions can vary including if you are able to get that deposit back if your travel plans change.

Always take the time to read those details before you book. You don’t want any surprises when you show up. You want your holiday travel plans to be amazing from start to finish. Luxury accommodations can be the icing on the cake! They are going to be more affordable than you may realise so take some time to look around and compare offers.

5 Reasons to Prefer a Hotel Over Rental in Derby
When someone plans for the tour with his family, then the first thing that comes into his mind is the safety. This is the reason people book a quality hotel because they have enough grasp and supervision over various aspects of security of their clients. The main purpose of a family tour is to enjoy unbounded and unlimited and a family can’t enjoy in the shadow of insecurity. Therefore, people prefer the hotels that have the best class security and safety services.
One can relive every moment of tour heartily only after being ensure towards the security of his family. So, people choose such kind of places that are known only for the world-class accommodation, food and other related facilities. Derby is one of the places that are reckoned for the best staying, cuisines and secondary related services because it has a chain of luxurious hotels that offer the premium amenities. Book one of the Derby hotels and enjoy your tour here and avail all other amenities that a rental home can’t provide you.

Amenities that make the Derby hotels the most desirable and way better than rentals are:

Awesome location

Derby is an English City located on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire. In the west of the river, there are Derby Museums and Art Gallery instead of that there exists home to Joseph Wright paintings and Gothic Derby and Southeast along the river. In its northwest is Markeaton Park that offers a craft village and boating lake. These all make it the perfect place location wise for visiting and spending vacations in a completely cheerful manner. Whereas, there are also many rentals here, but that are situated in the areas that are distant from the city. You can’t opt for them because they don’t have enough amenities to stay nicely even for some time.

0% Compromise with Privacy

All the luxury hotels have different rooms so that their guests don’t have to take care about their privacy. The hotels in Derby have various kinds of rooms such as single bedrooms, double bedrooms and also the suites that leave no space in order to spoil any guest’s privacy in any manner. Whether, when we talk about the rentals nearby here, their arrangement of accommodation is as poor as you can’t expect any privacy from them. The reason is they don’t have even separate rooms for two separate families so how can you think about privacy. After receiving their service charge amount in advance, they don’t provide all the services that they have discussed you earlier. It is one of the major drawbacks of the rental rooms in Derby.

Value for Money

The Derby hotels offer the complete value of your money by serving you with their premium hospitality services. Firstly, they have all the basic facilities and they keep all their commitments until you check-out from the hotel. They serve you with the best of their hospitality services and avoid any kind of misbehavior that can harm their reputation. This way, they present their level of quality and hospitality so that a guest can observe all the positive aspects of their services and he’ll become the source of their advertisement as well, such as he’ll suggest the same hotel for the other who are opting for a hotel. And, if in future, it requires a review of the guests then they will prove an asset for the hotel if the guests provide the positive review. The star ratings also depend upon the quality hospitality services of a hotel.


When we say family hotel then it denotes that a hotel should posses a warm-behavior with the kids and senior members of the family that are checking-in. It should have appropriate amenities for the entertainment of the kids and when it comes to elders then the hotel should have enough arrangements for them as well like anytime doctor availability, transportation to reach the nearest multi-specialty hospital, spiritual and calm place in the hotel premises, etc. Derby hotels provide all the above stated amenities that’s why they are known as the dominant family hotels. Whereas, the rentals don’t have that scope to offer you required services for the kids and elders.

Better Transportation System

A quality and luxurious hotel must have their private cars or taxis so that to pick-up and drop their guests at airports, railway station, bus-station and any other visiting place directly from the hotel. The hotels in Derby have affiliated with leading taxi agencies and they provide taxi 24*7 to the guests so that they can arrive their desired destination from the hotel. On the other hand, neither the rental rooms have sufficient budget nor they take it as their responsibility to pick or drop any guest from any place.